What is BaZi?

What is BaZi?

What is Bazi?

For thousands of years, it has been  Chinese traditional culture method and have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge to study these great science. As  man is always fascinated by the great mysteries  of life.  This traditional method, a kind of fortune telling using eight character is basically plotted by assigning the time related details of our birth in the form of the 5 elements.  Like our destiny and the people,events  and situations in our lives are analyzed by interpreting the arrangement and the formations  of these elements in the  Bazi chart.

By studying the interaction between Man, (the environment), time and the Universe (Heaven) a pattern began to appear.  This pattern represent the cyclical influence of the energies in the Universe imprinted on us during the time of our birth.  This information is encrypted or coded in the form of eight character
Called  Bazi.  Thus the study and practice of Bazi calculation is to allow us to decrypt this code and reveal
a person destiny.

The eight characters in the chart contain the codes of a person’s destiny, a map that shows all the
Influences of the five elements on the person’s life. By decoding your Bazi, you will also gain greater
insights into your character, personality, strengths and weaknesses. It allows you  to capitalize on your strengths and the Opportunities that arise,  thus to said if you know your fortune, you make the appropriate steps to triumph  in life.

The cosmic trinity in the Bazi and Chinese metaphysics involves Heaven , Earth and Man.  Each exerts equal influence in determining the outcome of events in a person live and ultimately our Destiny.
Heaven Luck is predetermined on the day we are born. It’s  something we cannot change, simply because we don’t have control over it.  For instance we cannot choose our parents, siblings or the circumstances of our birth. This is the will of Heaven.  Although we cannot change the life map that has been given to us at birth we are still ABLE to choose how we wish to walk through life, so while Destiny cannot be altered, it is up to the (Man factor of the Cosmic Trinity) to make us informed in our actions and choices, and taking advantage of the positive cyles/periods in our lives which can  be done  by knowing   your own Bazi. “ By knowing our BAZI  we can make informed decisions in Life”

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