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'Home is where the heart is', is a popular saying that reflects how important home is in our lives. It is the place where we spend the maximum time span of our lives. No place in the world, no matter how plush, can match the comfort and warmth of one's own house. It is very close to every individual and there is also a specific amount of emotional attachment with it. Fen Shui tips contribute a great deal in preventing your house from troubles and help you to lead a happy and relaxed life.
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First of all, the most important thing to be considered before the inception of the house is the place where it is going to be built. Carefully examine the natural feature around. After that, the preparation of the house design is another major step. Use a Feng Shui compass to determine the energies of the space and then decide the location of the rooms. Different directions and elements are favorable for different rooms. The position of rooms should be such that they do not interfere with the individual energies of the house.

Apart from the rooms, the other notable thing is the location of other interior features of the house i.e. the home decor. For example, we have the place for the staircase, window, balcony, etc. These structures also influence the Chi of the house and therefore should not be avoided. In case, you have not constructed the house on your own and it is difficult to renovate it, Feng Shui provides you a number of items which will help you in reducing the bad effects of any architectural fault in your home.

However, before applying these Feng Shui products to your house décor, you should gain sufficient knowledge and information about the same. The most convenient way is to consult a Feng Shui practitioner. There are different items for different problems, which are applied at different places according to the favorable directions and elements, which form the basic principles of Feng Shui. This way, you can make your house a paradise and enjoy the bliss of being at a home exhibiting positive energy.
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